The Missing Coda

Our Musical Journey from The Missing Coda

For some of us music teachers - who are also performers, we have felt sadness due to the lockdown and a great worry at the prospect of lessons via online platforms or in many cases, no lessons at all.

Our experience has been similar, however we also felt some excitement at the prospect of the challenge to see how we could adapt; metaphorically speaking, the shackles were off for us to explore and create our breadth of resources for teachers and students.

We are Norfolk-based musicians, teachers and authors who...

Post date: 06/10/2020
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Response from Penny Milsom, Executive Director, ABRSM

Dear Members
Following the open letter sent to Penny Milsom at ABRSM about online theory exams, please see a detailed reply. ABRSM have written to everyone who entered the Grade 5 theory exam in July, offering apologies and refunds.
With best wishes
Murray McLachlan – Chair EPTA UK

Dear Murray 

Thank you for your open letter, written on behalf of EPTA members, expressing your concern about the experience of candidates who took our live pilot online Theory exam on 26 August. Thank you, too, for our conversation last...

Post date: 28/09/2020
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Press release from EPTA UK about online theory exams: Open letter to Penny Milsom, Executive Director ABRSM

EPTA UK has been concerned to receive numerous messages from distressed teachers about problems that occurred during the grade 5 ABRSM online theory exam on 26 August. We have a duty of care to our members and want to support and help them all.  Online theory has been a source of worry to many of them over much of the summer.  We arranged an emergency webinar on this subject last month as a response to the large number of messages received. It is still available on YouTube:

Post date: 31/08/2020
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Review of the Trinity Piano Exam Syllabus, 2021-2023

EPTA UK is delighted to present a collaborative review of the new Trinity piano exam syllabus. Commentary comes from a team of four members of the EPTA UK management committee:

Liz Giannopoulos
Karen Marshall
Post date: 10/08/2020
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You cannot be serious!!!

ABRSM’s recent announcement about online grade 5 theory pilot exams in August has created a great deal of uncertainty and more than a few concerns throughout the music teaching community. There has already been a great deal of discussion on this topic and on Wednesday 29 July (19.45-20.45) Epta Uk is presenting a special webinar with a panel of experts to discuss the Issue in detail. Questions welcome. Registration details to follow on Monday 27 July.

Meanwhile here is Dorothy Dingle, piano teacher and widely respected writer on theory, with her own personal views and...

Post date: 24/07/2020
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The new ABRSM 2021-22 Piano Syllabus Publication Launch Day Review from EPTA UK


EPTA UK is delighted to present a collaborative review of the new ABRSM piano syllabus on its official launch day, 9 July 2020. Commentary comes from a team of five members of the EPTA UK management committee:

Liz Giannopoulos
Murray McLachlan
Post date: 08/07/2020
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