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Press release from EPTA UK about online theory exams: Open letter to Penny Milsom, Executive Director ABRSM

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EPTA UK has been concerned to receive numerous messages from distressed teachers about problems that occurred during the grade 5 ABRSM online theory exam on 26 August. We have a duty of care to our members and want to support and help them all.  Online theory has been a source of worry to many of them over much of the summer.  We arranged an emergency webinar on this subject last month as a response to the large number of messages received. It is still available on YouTube:

You cannot be serious!!!

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ABRSM’s recent announcement about online grade 5 theory pilot exams in August has created a great deal of uncertainty and more than a few concerns throughout the music teaching community. There has already been a great deal of discussion on this topic and on Wednesday 29 July (19.45-20.45) Epta Uk is presenting a special webinar with a panel of experts to discuss the Issue in detail. Questions welcome. Registration details to follow on Monday 27 July.