Daniel LLOYD - Teacher Profile

About Me

I teach notated and improvising piano to all ages - beginner to diploma.  Usually, I visit students at their home.  Since Covid-19 I have also been teaching online (using Facetime, Zoom, WhatsApp...).  In spite of obvious drawbacks related to the streaming time lag, online classes have been fun and effective.  Please contact me to discuss whether in-person or online piano classes will suit you better.

I try hard to help my students make the most of their practice time and provide a variety of clear objectives at the end of each class.  Experienced piano students especially often benefit from a careful review of their practising technique.  I can also help experienced players discover piano music they have not encountered before - including music they make themselves!

I am an EPTA regional organiser and run the Open Piano Platform (https://opp.home.blog/) which provides local pianists with regular performance opportunities.

I am the author of No Notes piano music (https://nonotes.uk/) which uses easy-to-follow, tablature notation to help absolute beginners of all ages ‘find their fingers’ and make a sure start developing foundation keyboard skills including:

  • Becoming familiar with keyboard layout
  • Learning to use fingers without looking at them
  • Developing independence between hands
  • Reading music
  • Playing with a beat
  • Playing musically

Beginners enjoy No Notes because, from the very start, they use two hands and ten fingers to play familiar and favourite tunes as well as a variety of simple 12-bar bluesy riffs and grooves (especially popular with older beginners). No Notes beginners quickly develop confidence in their ability to follow written notation and play using all the fingers of both hands. And since No Notes tablature is based on standard piano music, the move to standard notation is usually rapid, painless and eagerly anticipated.


Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (LRSM), Performance (piano)

Master of Arts (Bournemouth Media School), "Music Design for Film and TV"

Enhanced DBS Certificate: 0016 8522 6090

Audio on Soundcloud:
The SoundCloud content at https://soundcloud.com/danzealloyd/sets/june-12th-2020-ll-live-stream is not available, or it is set to private.