Juan REZZUTO - Teacher Profile

About Me

Juan Rezzuto is a rare artist with a great deal of intellect and an in depth understanding of piano, composition and music technology. He has been linked to what he describes as a &ldquo;marvelous instrument: the piano&rdquo; since the tender age of three. Eight years later, he made his fist concert appearance in his hometown Estancia Santa Mar&iacute;a de La Armon&iacute;a. Ever since, he has been a regular performer throughout the theater halls of Argentina, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.<br />He has been associated to some of the greatest Maestro&rsquo;s, among which include Bruno Leonardo Gelber, Sebastian Colombo, Elsa Puppulo, and Eugenia Rozenthal. This valuable education has enabled Juan Rezzuto to master a variety of approaches to piano tutoring.<br />Juan Rezzuto believes that people connect to music at different times of their lives. As you watch him work, it is stunning to observe how he can be involved in the details and never lose sight of the big picture. His approach to piano pedagogy is very unique, one which simultaneously combines music technology, playing, reading and writing.<br />