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I became a member of EPTA in October 2007, after becoming more involved in piano teaching when my eldest son studied piano at Chethams.  I soon became a Regional Organiser for my area, South Wales, and have hosted a number of events including the first round of the EPTA Piano Competition, for a number of years.  I have had some success in this competition with some students being put forward to the Regional Final, with a couple of winners of this round also.

In 2009 I was invited to become a member of the management committee team.  This involves attending meetings approximately 3-4 times a year, where many items are discussed.  Often, there are decisions to be made to amend or update guidelines and policies.  Being part of the management committee allows each of us to have some input into our thoughts on such things, and ultimately, if needed, voting for or against decisions.

I took on the role of Competitions Administrator in 2014, a role which I thoroughly enjoy doing.  The competition has grown considerably over the last few years, and now, with the new website up and running, it is possible for the first time to make entries online.  Paper entries may also be made for the time being, as this is the first year of the new website, and not everybody will yet have access or know how to enter online, but hopefully this will ultimately make the running of the administrative side of the competition much more professional and easy for everyone to do.

In 2015 I also undertook the role of Corporate administrator, and have actively been trying to engage more Corporate members.  This is an ongoing, successful role, which I would like to grow even more.  Corporate members are crucial to EPTA, both for the individual teacher, and professional bodies and organisations.  

I enjoy teaching the piano privately at home, and have been doing so since 1997.  During 1998-1999 I attended the ABRSM Certificate of Teaching course, and was delighted to receive my CTABRSM certificate in July 1999. I have to say, I learnt more in that one year with my mentor, Virginia Black (Royal Academy of Music) than I would have done trying to teach for 100 years on my own without any assistance!  I am extremely grateful to Virginia for her very encouraging and kind assistance throughout the year.  I currently have 31 private students, ranging in age from 6 to 86, from beginner to grade 8 standard.  The majority of my students receive distinction in the exam results, and I have a 100% pass rate for all exams entered, both theory and practical.  I host a private piano recital once a year, in which all of my students play, with parents and family/friends invited to come along.  During this, there will be solo recitals, duets, trios, competitions, raffles, light refreshments etc.  All students are nervous the first time they do it, but every single one of them can't wait for the following year so they can take part again!  It is such a fun day, and I always perform something myself, as I say to them all "I would never ask you to do something I won't do myself"

As you can hopefully guess from reading my blog - I LOVE the world of piano teaching.



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